Primož Peterlin

Institute of Biophysics,
University of Ljubljana School of Medicine, Lipičeva 2, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

e-mail: primoz․peterlin​@​mf․uni-lj․si
tel +386-1-5437632 (office)
fax +386-1-4315127 (office)


BSc 1992 in Physics, MSc 1995 in Physics/Biophysics, PhD 2002 in Physics, all at the Department of Physics, Faculty of mathematics and physics, University of Ljubljana. Since 1992 with the Insitute of Biophysics, Medical Faculty, University of Ljubljana.

Area of research

permeability of phospholipid membrane; incorporation of surfactants into a phospholipid membrane; electroformation of giant phospholipid vesicles; the influence of an electric field on phospholipid vesicle shape; optical microscopy; image analysis

Recent publications

A fairly complete bibliography list is available from COBISS.

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